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So many real estate professionals get lost in the weeds— caught up in the details and the mechanics of getting their marketing “right” and keeping up with the latest updates, technology and best practices. It can feel overwhelming. 

But now you have a powerful resource that makes it SUPER EASY and far less time consuming to stay current and succeed like never before. 

The Paperless Agent Marketing Club delivers easy, convenient and consistent marketing training and done-for-you resources to get the maximum results out of your time and budget. 

Check out the link below for more information on what's included in The Paperless Agent Marketing Club!



The Paperless Agent Marketing Club

About Garry Creath and Chris Scott

After receiving national recognition from Apple, Evernote, Inman and others for their innovative use of technology in real estate, Garry co-founded The Paperless Agent to help other agents make their lives easier and close more deals with technology.  

Together with Chris Scott, a marketing and real estate business expert, Garry and Chris help agents make their lives easier, save time and money, and grow their businesses by mastering the latest technology and digital marketing strategies!

Posted by Paperless Agent on 08 January 2019, 12:24 PM